Home Insurance Doesn’t Cover Everything


You may think that the home insurance that you have covers everything that goes wrong in your home but that is false. Re-read your policy, because there may be some things that your insurance doesn’t cover. Below are just a few things that may not come with your policy.

Sewage Backup
This usually happens more often in older homes, but standard coverage will not cover this issue. If your home supposes 100 years old, you may want to pay for added coverage in case something happens.

These critters are never covered in homeowners insurance. Make sure you have extra in your savings to take care of unexpected out of pocket expenses like these.

Flood And Water Damage
Some policies do not cover flood and water damage as much as your may think. Just make sureyou understand the policy because there may be exclusions that you overlooked.

This is something you would think would be covered in your insurance policy, so make sure what your policy says in regards to mold damage. Leaks need to be fixed right away in order to avoid mold outbreaks.

Earthquake Damage
Natural disasters happen all the time and are so unexpected, but it is most likely not covered by your policy. You can always pay more for extra coverage if you are in danger of these events.


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