Worst Financial Moves To Make


Leasing A Jeep
Leasing is probably the most expensive method to getting a vehicle. You are paying a premium rent for the term of the lease on a car that you have to give back in the end. There are many fees that go into leasing, like mileage overages. These kid of things add of and in the end it is not worth it. The best advice is to stay away from leasing a vehicle.

Usually the process goes something along the lines of, taking out a student loan, get a good job and then spend 10 years paying back those student loans. In hindsight, student loans are the most unnecessary bills created. It is encouraged to help you get through school cause then you will be ab;e to pay it off. But who knows what the future holds. Recessions occur, job markets plummet and then you’re left with a loan you can barely manage paying back.

Financing A Car
Financing a car is usually the way people go about acquiring a car now a days, but it is more beneficial to save up and by a used and reliable car in cash. Look for functionality and not flashiness.

It’s better to own a house
This is a big mistake that some people don’t think about when buying a house. It is not always better to own a house. It may be better under some circumstances but you have to make sure you have an adequate savings account to pay for maintenance costs because those add up. You also have to make sure you are staying put for a long time because selling a new home is a losing proposition.


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