What Would Happen If Everyone Moved To Live In Their Dream Countries


Did you ever ask yourself the question that if you probably want to move and settle in any other country then where would you go? If you didn’t then its time you ask yourself this crucial question. Most of the people that leave America usually go to Central America, Mexico, Canada or euro.

However, also as per data 25% of the immigrants that are currently residing in the US are from Mexico. So what would happen if everyone simply just moved to their dream country? Which country would be benefited the most and which country would be at a loss? Read to know more.

In between 2015 and 2017 half a million adults were interviewed and a survey studied the potential gain and losses that would happen by the population that would move out of their country. It shows that if everyone moved out then North America, euro, Australia, Oceania, and New Zealand will grow massively in population.

On the other hand, the population in the regions like Latin America, Africa Middle East, and Asia will shrink. In the highly developed countries such as Singapore, there is going to be an influx of really educated people.

Some of the countries that would have the highest net migration along with the percentage are –

1. New Zealand
Potential net migration: 231%
Brain gain: 333%
Youth gain: 222%
New Zealand’s potential net migration index going to be the highest in the world. The country’s population pr4esntly about 4.8 million would increase to more than 11 million.

2. Singapore
Potential net migration: 225%
Brain gain: 185%
Youth gain: 410%

3. Iceland
Potential net migration: 208%
Brain gain: 296%
Youth gain: 451%
Iceland is going to have the highest potential youth gain out of all 152 countries.

4. United Arab Emirates
Potential net migration: 204%
Brain gain: 22%
Youth gain: 330%

5. Switzerland
Potential net migration: 187%
Brain gain: 107%
Youth gain: 372%


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