What To Do When You Are Barely Scraping By


Sometimes we hit rock bottom, life happens, everything is changing around you, and finances are real tight. Where do you go from there? Everyone handles every situation differently and has varying goals, values, and ways of thinking. Therefore here are a few principles that will help you out of the rut, however you decide to implement them into your life.

Family Matters
The people who matter most to you are those you should lean towards to help you. They are there to not judge where you are at in your life. They really are a blessing, whether it be the family you were born into or the family that you have chosen along the path of life that you have lived thus far. Whether you are barely scraping by, hating life, or beating yourself up for no reason, the people who you are surrounded by really matter. With that being said you need people who are there to lift your spirits up. No negative nancys’!

You need to work on changing your mindset. Confidence is key at this point in your life. Once you gain the confidence you need in order to make the right decisions you will become a force to be reckoned with. Start by staying around the people who lift you up, set goals that are attainable and accomplishing them will build that confidence right up. Change your financial situation by working hard to pay off debt, and revamp your savings. Don’t post pone this step, start as soon as you can. Continue to learn and gain knowledge on what is important to you. Building that confidence in all these ways will get you to a happy place, to begin loving who you are.

Your Mindset
Like I said above, set goals! This is the hard part, but you can do it. You have to focus on what is important and what is happening in the now. Don’t complain about how hard it is and them go out and take out a loan to buy a new car. You are only digging yourself a bigger hole. Get ahead of your finances and focus on what is important so that you can live the like that you want. Stick to your goals!

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
If you are having a hard time surfing on the income that you have currently, it’s time to make a change. Do not be afraid to take charge of your career. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone. To get to where you want to be takes time, but it also takes drive and hustle. This is much more important than your college degree. Stay working hard!


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