Tips For Second Interview


A lot of times, candidates fail to be prepared for a second interview. The idea behind a second interview is to show the employer that you have something more to offer them. With that being said, do an infinite amount of research and prepare adequately with these few tips:

Think About First Interview
Consider what happened in your first interview and think back on what you learned. Were you more educated on the role or position that you are interviewing for? What did you learn about the company and what did you not? Gathering as much information as you can while you prepare for the second interview will be incredibly beneficial.

Prepare You Answers
Compare your experience with the job description in order to provide different examples than the ones you gave in the first interview. Practice giving your answers to your friend and family.

Do Your Research
Now that you know a little bit more of what they are looking for and what the company is about from the first interview, you need to do even more extensive research for the second interview. The more you know the better. Look into the companies sales figures, events, and past achievements to get an idea of the big picture.

Be Prepared For Odd Questions
It shouldn’t be a surprise to you if the interviewer ttys to catch you of guard with an odd question. They do this so that they can observe how well you think on your feet. Examples of odd questions could be, “ What type of animal would you be”, What would you do in this situation?” This will display your creativity and how you react.


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