Tips for choosing a commercial rental space


Renting commercial real estate is one of the most important issues in the creation and development of a company. For a business to generate income, it is necessary to competently approach the issue of choosing non-residential premises. And in this article, we will tell you about what you need to pay attention to when choosing real estate for commercial lease.

Commercial real estate is a space in which a business is established. It could be a shop, an office, or any other type of company. For example, these spaces rarely have showers, as patrons are unlikely to need to shower at work – unless it’s a gym locker room.

On the other hand, the number of electrical outlets and installations is usually larger, precisely to meet needs that are different from those at home. In addition to basic equipment such as computers, the room must have special lighting, Wi-Fi internet routers, and alarm systems.

To rent commercial real estate correctly, you first need to decide on the needs of the business. The main factors are simple: location, room size, transportation, communications, and budget. Each business and market segment has its requirements. The most important thing is the possibility of doing business in this room. If this is a trade, then there must be buyer traffic. If you need office space, then you need a good transport interchange so that employees and customers can easily find it. If a warehouse, then the proximity to federal highways and the corresponding condition of the premises.

In order to find out whether renting the selected premises will be beneficial for you, you must consider:

  • What income do you expect?
  • What do you plan to do at the office?
  • How many clients per day do you expect?
  • What is the average cost of production?
  • Costs of doing business. This includes employee salaries, rent payments, product purchases, and so on.

And now we will analyze the main points that you should pay attention to when making a choice in a little more detail.

Location of the building

The value of this factor for business development directly depends on the direction of the company and the purpose of the lease (for a store, office, workshop, warehouse, or showroom). Production and storage facilities are best rented in areas where highways pass. The profitability of stores, salons, and service facilities is directly affected by customer flow. Therefore, it is better to select objects in areas with a high population density. It is better to rent offices in places with good transport accessibility, close to metro stations. In this regard, non-residential premises in industrial, commercial, administrative, and warehouse buildings located in the central region are most in demand.

Rent price

When choosing a room, it is necessary to compare the planned income and expenses for renting it. If you are confident that you can afford an expensive office, then look for one right away.

Layout and floor space

If your business needs certain parameters of real estate, when searching for it, pay attention to the possibility of conversion.


Many activities require modern communications. Therefore, when choosing an object, it is necessary to clarify whether the building has electricity, heating, sewerage, water supply, ventilation, air conditioning systems, telephony, and Internet access. If you are looking for premises for a shop or exhibition hall, for staff accommodation, receiving clients, or organizing business meetings, there should be convenient parking on the territory of the facility.


This is important if the business is related to the production, storage, and sale of inventory items. Several property owners offer security and video surveillance services to tenants.

Additional services

In the course of the company’s work, it is often necessary to place advertisements, signs, and signs on the territory of the leased object. In some cases, the tenant needs to register his company at the location. Therefore, when choosing a room, it is necessary to discuss these issues with the owner. When choosing a commercial property for rent, it is important to discuss all the needed services with the owner. It is more profitable, more economical, and more expedient to do it at the beginning.

In summary

Renting commercial real estate has recently been in great demand, as it has a lot of advantages for the landlord and tenant. For a landlord, renting out commercial real estate is a good stable source of income, and the benefit for a tenant is that not every entrepreneur, especially beginners, can afford to buy business premises. That is why renting for them is a great solution. Nevertheless, the lease of commercial real estate is fraught with a lot of subtleties that must be taken into account. We hope that our article helped you deal with some issues.


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