Three career tips for young entrepreneurs in the Middle East


Ebraheem Al Samadi started his entrepreneurial experience aged just 14.

A trader at heart, he tried his hand at everything from hair products to electronics and finally landed on his most prized project: Forever Rose.

The brand, which creates long lasting roses, is available across the UAE, Kuwait and other parts of the Middle East. The founder and CEO shares his tips for those aspiring to make their way into the world of entrepreneurialism.

1. Define your market

Failing to define your target market is a common mistake many young entrepreneurs make, Al Samadi says. In the beginning, focus on the niche market that best fits your product or service. Carefully examine what motivates your consumer within the sector and use this as a platform for future growth. Every interaction should be carefully crafted based on the marketed benefits.

2. Find a mentor

The rise of online resources is a great advantage for young entrepreneurs, as having a multitude of industry experts at your fingertips allows you to find those who can guide you along the way to building a sustainable business. Turn to local entrepreneurs or build contacts through platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter to get exposed to those with experience in your field. Always remember to learn from the failures of those who have tried similar concepts before you.

3. Take care of yourself

As you begin your business, you may find it easy to push aside healthy lifestyle essentials. Lack of a regular schedule may mean you forego regularly exercising, eating balanced meals or getting enough sleep. A healthy mind requires a healthy body. So, ensure you are taking care of yourself or you could risk burning out, ultimately leading to detrimental effects to your business.


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