Things You Should Never Be Paying For


Everything costs money, but it’s time to learn to cut back no things whenever you can and start saving yourself some money.

Bank Fees
If your bank teas money from you just for having an account with them, it’s time to change banks asap. You shouldn’t be charged a monthly maintenance fee ever. With that being said, you should also stop going to ATM’s that charge you a fee to take out money! It’s just not necessary and very unacceptable.

We live in America, where we have access to some of the cleanest and tastiest water on earth. Stop falling into the category of people who are convinced to pay for water bottles. Instead grab reusable bottle and fill it up.

Gym Memberships
Exercising does not require a gym membership. It is free if you want it to be and there are plenty of workout videos that you can find online as resources to helping you lose weight and get fit.

Wi-Fi Outside Of Your Home
You will most likely need to buy your own wifi at home but don’t go out and impulsively buy wifi when you are not home. For instance on airplanes, they are just taking advantage of impulsive buyers. There are plenty of places that offer free wifi. You can also download everything you need before you go on a trip. It is a waste of money to by wifi.

There are virtually free napkins everywhere you go whether it be at a fast food place or your work. Instead of buying napkins, just pick up a few from places every time you go and you will never have to buy a napkin ever again.

Cable TV
Just about every show you watch can be found free online by its respective network and streaming service. Quit paying for cable, it’s not worth it an will save you an extra bill.

Credit Reports
Every person is entitled to a free annual credit report by decree of the federal government. Do not pay for one. If you get a credit report in January, it should be accepted by just about anyone who needs to see it until the year is over.


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