The Ultimate Trick That Will Save You $125 per Month In Groceries


We often have a fridge and freezer full of leftover things that we bought a ton of because they were on sale or for whatever reason it is, there is always something leftover in the fridge or pantry. Now here is where a weird secret comes into play, that can save you about $125 in groceries every month.

Once a month pick a week to never go grocery shopping. Don’t go to the store for anything and instead create meals out of what you already have in the fridge, freezer or pantry. Not only does this save you on gas but it saves you a lot of money not having to buy food to make meals all week for breakfast lunch and dinner. Doing this would also help you get rid of food that probably would have gone to waste if you continued to just buy stuff every week.

By all means don’t starve yourself or anything, but if you already have food there but you want something else, just think about your budget. You can have what you want next week. If you don’t think you can do a whole week of it, try starting out with just 3 or 4 days. It really will save you a lot of money!


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