The 3 Steps Of Dealing With A Bossy Co-Worker!


Co-workers have a major role to play in how we feel at work every single day and needless to say all of us have some bossy co-workers in our offices. While some are really loving, supportive and caring, few others will intentionally try and get on your nerves. So if you are facing trouble with a bossy co-worker then here are three steps in which you can deal with them easily without any hassle.

Step 1: Creating the boundaries
It is important that you create transparent boundaries between you and your co-workers, if you have different job titles then it will be easier to divide the work based on the job descriptions that you both have. If you have the responsibilities predetermined then it will help you to nullify the conflict really easily and you will not have to keep the unreasonable requests that you get from the bossy co-workers.

Step 2: Acknowledge and decline the demands
It can get hard to ignore someone who tells you what to do and what not to do. A bossy co-worker will want to be heard, so you should acknowledge their offer really politely and then decline it. Giving in to their demands simply will make them exploit the boundaries more and interfere with your work. don’t let them do that, put them down politely if creating boundaries doesn’t work.

Step 3: Address the situation
Even after the first two steps if your efforts are being futile then you will have to politely confront your bossy colleague about the actions they are doing and put them back in their place, the best approach is to identify the cause behind them acting this way and speak to them directly about it. tell them you are having issues with it and would not like to put up with their bossiness any more.


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