New Years Money Resolutions That Anyone Can Keep


Buy Used Items
It’s not always essential to have brand new things. We may want new things but if you think about it, buying used things will save you so much money over the year. Buy your cars, kitchen appliances, furniture and electronic devices used. By doing this, you will be contributing a lot to your savings.

Use Money-saving Apps
There’s an app for everything! take a minute to download some money-saving apps that will save thou money without you even noticing it. Apps like Acorns and Digit will enable saving! Acorns rounds up your daily purchases to the nearest dollar and applies the difference into an investment account. Digit will monitor your spending and will safely move some money into a savings account when you can afford it. That sounds so effortless!

Make Large Batches Of Food
Make large batches of food to save money and time. Take advantage of bulk pricing on meats and canned goods. Create meals that can be frozen and then reheated so that you aren’t spending an insane amount of money on groceries. This method will be way cheaper than buying ready meals or cooking every night.

Buy Generic When You Can
When in a grocery store take advantage of buying generic stuff always and whenever you can This will save you so much money because generic brands are usually less than half the price of the name brand. most of the time you even notice the difference.

Use Cash When You Have It
Using a debit or credit card is very convenient but also very mindless. but if you use cash you can physically see how much you are spending as you go. This will help you better understand your spending habits.


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