Jobs in these 10 industries will grow most in demand in 2022, from ‘behavioral health’ to cybersecurity


If you want to find work in 2022, it’s important to know which jobs will be most in demand.

Whether you’re entering the job market for the first time, or you’re looking to make a career change, it’s good to know who’s hiring, as it could help save you a lot of time and effort. You can also use the information to redirect your career or studies in line with the roles that will be opening up.

Below are 10 of the job roles set to see the most growth in 2022.

1. Artificial intelligence specialist

As LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report revealed, in the US, hiring growth in this job has increased 74% over four years.

This role is seeing growth across all industries and this looks set to continue into 2022.

Artificial intelligence specialists work in a variety of industries but with skills focused on computer programming and IT.

The work consists of developing new AI-based products and improving existing ones.

2. Data Scientist

Many companies depend heavily on the management of large databases, and this will become even more important with each passing year.

Some sectors that are in particular need of data scientists are telecommunications, banking, and research.

Data scientists are experts in managing databases and extracting key information from figures.

3. Robotics Engineer

In the future, companies in all sectors will use robots to streamline certain work processes.

As Bloomberg reported, the robotics company UiPath achieved a market valuation of around $36 billion in its US IPO last year, which shows just how rapidly the industry is growing.

Robotics specialists are in charge of designing both hardware and software for robotics solutions.

4. Full Stack Engineer

The Linkedin report noted that this is the second year running that this role has appeared on their list, and it’s seen a growth rate of 35% since 2015.

5. Cloud Engineer

Virtually all companies now store information in the cloud, so this is becoming an increasingly important role across all industries.

Sectors like financial services, telecommunications, and IT are in particular need of these professionals.

6. Sales Development Representative

This role has seen continued growth thanks to the expansion of the technology sector . The constant drive for customers has ensured that hiring hasn’t slowed.

The goal in sales development is to develop new business models that increase sales and improve the customer experience.

7. Cybersecurity Specialist

Every company is in need of cybersecurity experts to protect their and their customers’ data.

Fortune reported that the number of data breaches in 2021 went past the number in 2020 by October, highlighting the importance of this job.

8. Behavioral Health Technician

This job often involves working with people that have behavioral disorders and it doesn’t require a specific degree, so it could be ideal for those wishing to make a career change later in their lives.

The Linkedin report suggested that the push for access to more mental health treatments is behind the increased demand for the job.

9. Customer Success Specialist

This role requires good product knowledge and customer service skills. It’s another role that has continued to grow thanks to the technology sector, and this is set to continue.

The Linkedin report noted that 72% of professionals in the role at the time were in the IT industry.

10. JavaScript Developer

The Linkedin report said that Javascript is one of the top five most wanted skills in software, and this makes JavaScript developers one of the most in-demand professionals in the entire country.


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