Improve The Value Of Your Home


Although there are certain things like square footage and location that can’t be changed, there are a few things that can be done in order to have your house in tip top shape for the market. Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home quite yet, you never know if you will in the future, so it is recommended that you keep up with the care of your home. Below are some crucial things to consider keeping up with.

Front and Back Yard
The front yard is the first thing a potential buyer sees before they enter the house is your front yard. This is an obvious area that should be kept up at all times. Just like first impressions can be a deal maker or breaker on a first date, the same goes to your home. Keep up with the plants, grass and make sure the bushes are trimmed. These things will help improve the appearance of your home. Along with the up keep of your front yard, comes with the up keep of the back yard as well. Investing in your backyard with a gazebo or deck of some sorts will appeal more to a potential buyer. It will really stick out form other competing houses.

Update the Paint
When your walls are freshly painted, it creates a much more inviting feeling and look like you have taken care of your house since you’ve been there. Stick with neutral colors though because these are the most appealing colors to a buyer when they are walking through.

Replace Your Carpets
Having clean carpets is probably one of the most important things to invest in. No one wants to walk into a house and see carpet that looks old and unclean. Either seep clean it once a week when it is on the market or just completely replace it.

This is also an obvious one, but very crucial to emphasize because having a clean home when a potential buyer is walking through really makes a difference in their decision. No one wants to walk through a dirty home. Make sure it looks spotless!

Upgrade Kitchen
The kitchen is a very important aspect of a home and one that buyers take for serious consideration when deciding which home to buy. If your kitchen is not updated, I would suggest updating to a more modern and spacious kitchen. If it is not in the budget, start with small things to update, like make sure the appliances are stainless or the cupboards aren’t wood anymore. Along with the kitchen, try to make sure all of the house is up to date. People tend to like a more modern and up to date house!


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