How You Can Promote Yourself Without Being Obnoxious!


If you are working hard for something then you will want your work to reach towards people. But self-promotion can be really tricky as if you overdo it then it will start to become obnoxious and you might look arrogant. But you must know the right way to do it so that your brand gets the perfect amount of promotion done by you without anyone raising an eyebrow about it.

Keep the answer ready
The next time someone asks about what is up with you, make sure you keep a well-formed answer ready, which, in a subtle way describes all of your accomplishments. This small question is actually a great opportunity for you to talk about the project that you are working on, thus giving people an insight into the thing that you have been running.

Take advantage of performance reviews
If you want to blow your very own trumpet then you must know how to take advantage of your own performance reviews. Make sure you keep a list of the challenges that you have overcome In the feedback so the potential clients can see it and you can show it to your superiors as well. This will help you to create a corner about yourself where people know about your feats.

Lift your colleagues up
If you want to lift yourself up then a good approach is to lift your competitors as well. If you want to promote something that you both were a part of then instead of putting it like, so proud of myself, you can rephrase it as, so proud of what we did. This will make everyone happy and at the same time promote the real work that you did. Make sure you don’t compare your accomplishments with the ones achieved by others.


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