How To Stay Relevant In This Age Of Technology


In this age driven by technology, it can be pretty tough competition for human workers.

According to a survey conducted, a total of 69% of American workers feel that they possess the necessary skills required to be relevant in today’s career competition.

However, the scene is quite different when the same people were asked if they felt their current skillset would be relevant in career fields a decade later since only 46% of the people responded with a ‘yes’.

In order to make sure that you remain relevant in the career market years down the line, and especially considering the fact that technology and automation is slowly taking over everything, you must address the parts of a career which are never going to be replaced by automation, i.e, human leadership.

Maintaining a mindset is of absolutely no use. In order to remain relevant, one has to adapt to every situation thrown at them.

The old phrase “Believe in yourself” might not be that relevant in this context. Instead of being content with yourself, start working harder on yourself.

Being well-connected is key to building a good reputation for yourself and getting the advantage of being able to use resources at your disposal at your will.

Lastly, the part which is most important and where we started: Human interaction and leadership. There comes a point where simply emailing someone or dropping in a text does not matter much. If it did work out that way, there wouldn’t be a use for human interaction anymore. To make yourself more relevant down the line, make your human interactive qualities stand out so that people choose you instead of technology.


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