How Scammers Make People Believe That They Are Rich


Infamous con artist Victor Lustig was born into a poor family but he soon taught himself how to behave like wealthy businessmen. His measures were so effective that in the year 1925, he had claimed that he was a high-ranking French Government officer & had ended up “selling” the Eiffel Tower to one of France’s largest scrap dealers.

Lustig directed all gatherings in the luxurious Hotel de Crillon and requested limousines to take imminent purchasers on voyages through Paris. He was also known for his elegant closet and well-manicured nails, which were immaculate to the point that the officers who in the end captured him observed. The takeaway here is that in case you’re attempting to influence rich individuals to give you their cash, it pays to appear rich yourself.

Extraordinary tricksters, for the most part, begin by promising something. “Hoodlums frequently endeavor to make trust and reliance by accomplishing something for individuals, or getting individuals to depend on them socially,” says Dan Ariely, a conduct market analyst and originator of the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University. “Once they accomplish that, there are all kinds of things they can get from people.” Case in point: Anna Sorokin took care of everything for endless no-costs spared meals with other New York socialites, and Brown frequented charity auctions (despite the fact that his checks would in general bounce).

Good con artists conduct meticulous research, says Maria Konnikova, who investigated the brain research of well-known swindlers for her book “The Confidence Game”. “They know how to give off signs that say, ‘I’m powerful,’” says Konnikova. “They have status symbols that aren’t in your face. They learn these very fine cues that most of us miss because we aren’t so attuned.”

What may those signals be? Nicola Harrison, a New York-based picture advisor, has never worked with a grifter (as far as anyone is concerned) however frequently encourages customers who need to look like it when their occupations include fraternizing with affluent circles. She says that a standout amongst the most ideal approaches to broadcast riches is to be downplayed.

Another way to blend into the elite crowd is to highlight or create common experiences, as said by Professor Leanne ten Brinke. After the con artist establishes his status, the returns tend to keep growing owing to the “halo effect”, the psychological occurrence where if people think you have one positive attribute, you must have others.

Furthermore, is it so difficult to lie about cash? The vast majority would prefer to maintain a strategic distance from the point completely, which implies the cheat doesn’t have to state much. Truth be told, the darker an individual’s riches appears, the more conceivable it moves toward becoming — when we hear obscure references to Cannes or a grandparents’ railroad business, we’ll expect the rest.


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