Highest Paying Jobs For History Majors


History majors are often criticized, whether it be from parents or everyone that asks them what their major is. Parents frequently give their history major prodigy a hard time and are fearful that they will graduate and end up jobless. Little do they know a history major can be a strong basis for many lucrative jobs. A bachelors degree in history teaches students written and oral communication skills, analytical thinking, research methodology and organization of complex material. These are all crucial skills for the working world and can be applied to a variety of great occupations. Below are a few of the highest-paying jobs for those who have a history major.

Public Relations Manager
Average Income (2014) $115,400
History majors can go directly from the classroom to a job as a public relations manager. However they may have to endure a few years working in the public relations field or earn a master’s degree in business pr public relations to prove that they know what makes the market world go round. History majors have the valuable skills it takes to communicate effective and provide excellent writing skills for the public relations field.

Average Income: $133,470
History majors can make great lawyers because the skills that you need to become a good lawyer include critical thinking, research, organization, and analysis. Those of which history majors obtain from an undergraduate degree in history. A huge part of law is based in part on the precedent of past legal cases. Therefore having a strong grasp of history allows law students to provide context for how legal decisions were made.

Political Scientist
Average Income: $104,000
Political Science and history have a lot in common and they both take a critical look at the past to grasp an understanding of how events have shaped our society and others societies as well. History majors can very well use their skills and knowledge as a political scientist. It may require a masters degree in political science or public administration, but once they are done they will enter a field where one of the highest paying jobs can be found for a history major.


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