Here’s How Much Money Gen Z Americans Say They Save With Loud Budgeting


TikTok is not just a place to watch dance videos or see photogenic food and travel destinations; it can also provide some useful personal finance advice. Some of the biggest personal finance trends among Gen Z get their start on TikTok.

One of the best pieces of advice we’ve seen on TikTok — which really could make a big difference in your personal finances — is called “loud budgeting.” According to a recent survey from Clarify Capital, Gen Zers who use the habits and attitudes of loud budgeting save $629 per month on average!

Let’s look at what loud budgeting means for your personal finances and how you can use these tips to save more money in 2024.

What is loud budgeting and how does it work?

The idea of loud budgeting originated with a TikTok comedian named Lukas Battle, who invented the idea as a way to be loud and proud about managing your spending. Instead of being pressured into spending money or going out for expensive drinks and dinners when you don’t really want to, loud budgeting is about clearly stating your intentions and being deliberate about how you spend — or save.

Clarify Capital’s survey of Gen Z found that 20% of Gen Zers are aware of the concept of loud budgeting, but only 6% actually describe themselves as “loud budgeters” who use the method in their personal finances. However, Gen Zers who use loud budgeting are getting noticeable results — they’re saving an average of $629 per month.

How to save money with the top five loud budgeting habits

The Clarify Capital survey found that the following habits, beliefs, and behaviors are most associated with loud budgeting. Here are the most popular tips and tricks that help loud budgeters save money.

1. Review and adjust your personal finances regularly

This tip was mentioned by 51% of Gen Z loud budgeters. It’s important to understand the full picture of your personal finances, whether that means getting a budgeting app, or a credit monitoring service. Most banks now offer helpful digital banking tools via mobile app, so it’s easy to check your balance and watch out for future bills.

2. Make intentional choices to support your financial wellness

Almost half (47%) of Gen Z loud budgeting fans said that it’s important to be intentional about how you spend. Don’t just mindlessly “doom spend” or go shopping when you’re bored or lonely; try to be deliberate about how, when, and why you’re spending money.

Do you really want that expensive purchase, or would you feel better with money in the bank? What are you willing to go without today so that you could have an extra $1,000 in savings by the end of the year? Increasing your financial wellness is often a matter of feeling more in control of the choices you make. Loud budgeting can help you clarify your financial choices — with others, and with yourself.

3. Setting (and prioritizing) goals for your personal finances

Goal-setting was top of mind for 46% of Gen Z loud budgeters. What do you really want to do with your money? Are you spending in ways that matter to you, are you making progress toward the future, or are you feeling stuck — or worse, racking up too much credit card debt?

Personal finance goals are not just about spending and saving money. Your goals might include making some big career moves, like getting a pay raise or promotion. Having a vision for what you want to do with your money (and your life) can help you get motivated to make positive changes.

4. Planning for the short and long term

Loud budgeting helps you regain control of your time and make sure you have enough money not just for today or tomorrow, but for next month, next year, and beyond. And 40% of Gen Z loud budgeters said that they use proactive planning — short and long term — to get “loud” about their personal finances.

Short-term goals might include boosting your emergency fund or saving for a vacation, while longer-term goals might include saving for a down payment on a house and investing for retirement. If you want to have a strong financial foundation, it helps to put your money into a lot of different buckets at once. Every paycheck should ideally help you make progress toward multiple goals for different moments of your life.

5. Holding yourself accountable for spending decisions

A spirit of accountability is important to 37% of loud budgeters. With loud budgeting, you are declaring yourself in charge of your money — you are the leader of your life. But leaders have to be accountable. If you make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up about it, but take ownership and learn from it.

Bottom line

Loud budgeting has taken the world of personal finance by storm, and for good reason: it’s a powerful idea that’s easy to use. In a world where many Gen Z people feel overwhelmed by debt and have too little cash in the bank, loud budgeting can be an antidote to financial gloom.

You don’t have to be helpless or intimidated about money — there are great tools available to help you. The best budgeting apps can give you a clear vision of your monthly spending so you can save more money. The best high-yield savings accounts pay APYs of 5.00% and higher, giving you more motivation to save. Loud budgeting can help you feel more confident about your decisions, and build a brighter future for your personal finances.


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