Be a green real estate buyer: Things to keep in mind while buying a house


Now the new buyer has a choice to buy a home that has had the minimum environment impact.

Everyone needs a house to live in. That’s the reason real estate is booming in India. However, building a house has huge environmental cost. There were times when no thought was given to the environmental impact of building a house or any other structure. However, those days are over. Now the new buyer has a choice to buy a home that has had the minimum environment impact.

While looking for a house see if the builder has made provision for water harvesting in the housing society. Second, look for the green cover in the area. Is it enough? Is it the same as was promised? Are the plants of local variety or exotic? If they are exotic variety and don’t match with the local flora then the housing is not green actually it is a threat to the bio-diversity.

Asking the builder to change the planting pattern to include local flora will not only enhance the beauty of the society, but will also be a boon for the residents because of their shade and fruits that they produce.

Then the discerning buyers should see whether the electric fitting provide for LEDs or not? Are their provisions for renewable energy like solar? If yes, to what extent? Is the housing society violating any environmental law? Is it being built in an eco-sensitive zone, which can create problems for the future? Is the house being built in a low-lying area or in the flood plains?

If you are part of a large group that is buying in the same scheme than you can also undertake an audit of the material being used, sourced and the way the builders are treating the workers.

These are the questions a green real estate buyer should ask before investing. Many buyers pledge their hard earned money without looking into these facets. Also many times they are completely against any investments in renewable energy as they cite heavy costs of installation. However, they should remember that the investment in renewable energy like solar will recover its cost in three years time and then whatever energy they will get would be almost free.

A green house ends up being 20 per cent dearer than a normal house. But when you look at the price of living in such a house over a period of 20 to 30 years your realize the benefits in terms of health, well being, a sense of satisfaction, oneness with nature and also decreased financial burden for maintenance far outweigh the initial cost of building.

Living in a house that contributes back to the nature is a marvelous way to pay tribute to the environment on which we have encroached for shelter for ourselves.


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