Five Things Keeping You Down In Your Career


It may well be that your self-confidence issues are why you may be missing out on opportunities to increase your salary or get better work hours in your line of career which may be ultimately having a negative impact on your work career life.

Here are things you should steer clear from in order to make sure you get what you want out of your career.

1. You Are Still Confused About Your Grievances- In order to take an initiative of gaining something, you should first know what you want and need. Categorize your needs and wants and act accordingly, i.e, promotion, better work hours, more exposure in your field of work, etc.

2. You Are Aware Of Your Needs, Yet You Haven’t Asked For Them- Sometimes, your self-confidence might play tricks with your ability to judge a situation and make your confidence dwindle when you need to ask for your needs.

3. You Lack The Technique To Ask For What You Want- Sometimes, you may be both aware of your needs as well as have enough confidence to ask for it. You go through and ask for what you want. It may be your communication skills or something else, but your request doesn’t go through. It all depends on your technique of asking for what you want.

4. You Are Either Too Late Or Too Early- One of the most important aspects of asking for something in a job is timing. Always consider waiting for a few months of getting into a job before you decide to ask for something.

5. The Person You Asked Was The Wrong One- Sometimes, you may have done everything properly: You know what you want, you ask for it, you ask in the correct way and you ask on the correct time, but your request still goes unnoticed. You may have asked the wrong person to carry forward your request.


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