Does College Pay Off?


It’s always a wonder whether or not college is worth the massive amount of loans that one has to take out just to get an education. Economists say that the return on investing in college when it comes to additional earnings comes out to 12% a year over a lifetime. In that sense, yes investing in college does pay off. But have the calculations changed?

Tuition is on the rise and there is a much higher rate of debt. The system has changed, schools controlling their costs has deteriorated along with family incomes. Ever since the recession, the public education system has definitely changed and colleges really should work on adjusting to all the changes.

In regards to obtaining an education, is seems as if everyone is being pushed to go to college. That isn’t necessary true, because the education system cannot even get everybody through high school. Based on the job profiles of the future, everybody doesn’t need to go to college, but what could be useful to the educational system is a board set of career paths.

Parents tend to push kids towards a certain degree because it may payoff better in the end, such as students who pursue a science related degree. The only thing is, you don’t need a certain degree to get a certain job. If a college does well at what they are supposed to do, a student should emerge as someone who is capable of learning a new subject.

It is also often mistaken that if your child goes to the most prestigious school, that there we have it they have made it. That is not a good standpoint. We need to look at the achievement upon graduation and then you will understand that it isn;t about being at the “best” ranked school. Its about the quality of education your child receives. In the end, gaining a college education the right way is worth it.


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