Clean Up Your Finances And Be Debt Free Before 30 With These Rules


Debt is where most of the problem lies when it comes to finances. Many young people think it is normal to have debt due to school, credit cards, car, etc., but it’s not normal, it’s just common. It is time to deter away from commonality. If you feel stuck, find a way out. Here are a few rules of financing that will help you get a start on cleaning up your financial mess.

1. Change Your Attitude
Stop thinking like you are poor. If you continue to think like you are poor, you will never get ahead. Money will always win. Move out of the sulking in your own misery phase and do something about it. Don’t go on a vacation you can’t afford because you want the family to bond, or keep saying you will save money when you are making more money. Every little bit counts so start saving now. We have all made bad financial decisions over time, you just need to own up to it and chose a different route.

2. Start A Business
Quick removal of debt begins with starting a new business where you can figure out how to double and or triple your current income. It doesn’t necessarily have to replace your career, but it will be another stream of income. It could be something online or a little shop of some sorts, a hobby that you find passion in. In order to do so you need to reach out to the people who know that industry best. Gain knowledge on how to make more money through learning what other successful entrepreneurs have learned through their experience.

3. Degrees Don’t Always Assure A Job, But Stay Educated
The education system is very flawed, but 40 years ago it was affordable to get an education by going to college. Employers offered higher paying jobs to those who had degrees. That does not happen anymore. College just puts you in debt now and it doesn’t always assure that you will have a job. Employers today measure your experience and knowledge over a degree. Forty four percent of college graduates are at jobs that do not even require a degree. That should be telling you something. Unless you have the dedication to be a doctor, lawyer or some career of that sort, college is not always the best route. It could just end up being the biggest financial mistake.

4. Take Baby Steps
Although taking control over your debt is first priority, people often have bigger issues with financial planning and consistency. In order to take control of your finances, you need to plan and set goals, as you would with any other aspect of your life. Be consistent with your plan and take baby steps towards fixing your situation.


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