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Becoming an expert at knowing the stock market takes a lot of work. It doesn’t just come so easily. Most financial news sources usually only cater to the people how already know the ins and outs of the stock market, making it dry difficult for those who are still just learning. Below are a few tips to begin gaining knowledge about understanding the state of the economy.

Buy, Hold, or Sell?
These are ratings of the stick analysts, suggesting whether someone should buy, hold, or sell their share. A buy rating is basically telling you that the stock is predicted to go up, suggesting you should buy it. A hold rating tells you that the stick is doing really well in the market right now and meeting the expectations. This usually means that it is not a good stock to invest in if you don’t already own it. A sell rating suggests that the price on the stock is about to drop, meaning investors should take hint and get out of it while they still can. The ultimate goal for an investor is to buy low and sell high.

Trading and Investing
Traders are usually out to make money during short term swings in the market. Swing traders capitalize within seconds or days. Whereas investors are in it for the long haul, where they will commit to a buy and hold strategy. This means that they will invest in stable companies who look like they have sustainable growth and dividends.

Capital Appreciation and Dividends
There are many ways to make money from the stock market, but the most common way is through capital appreciation and dividends. Capital appreciation directly relates to the stick price rise due to growth of the company. For instance, Snapchat, they were a younger company who then hit it big. A dividend is where a company shares their profit with shareholders and are associated with older companies.

Fundamental and Analytical
People involved in the fundamental aspect of stocks focus on the mechanics of a company. This means that they look to see the strength of the companies financial statements, leadership team, and observe whether or not their services or products are selling. On the other side of stocks are the technical analysts. They study the charts of the companies stock action to see of a lot of people are buying and selling, their daily price swings and see how their sticks movement compares to other companies in the industry.


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