Banking Mistakes You Might Be Making


Banking In Public
Never ever access your bank account from public Wi-Fi hotstpot, public computer or any insecure connection. There are hackers out there that can easily access your personal information and you could become a victim to identity theft.

Paying For Your Checking Account
Most checking accounts are free, so if you are paying a monthly fee for checking, move to a different bank immediately.

Always Using A Debit Card
When you make a purchase on your debit card and you are accidentally charged or rung up for whatever reason, your card is voided but then it takes longer to reimburse. using a credit card will refund your false charge pretty quickly.

Signing Up For Overdraft Protection
Often times, banks will convince you to sign up for overdraft protection, which will allow you to make charges when your balance is at zero. The bank will cover you but also charge you a $35 surcharge. Just don’t spend more than you have.

Not Reading Through Bank Statements and Transactions
With the invention of online banking and banning apps, balancing a checkbook is out the window. You should still read through your bank statements and transactions so you can ensure there aren’t any mistakes, suspicious charges or unexpected fees. The bank does not notify you.


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