5 Tips For Freshers To Clear An Interview


The interview seems to be a laborious task especially if it’s your first communication. It is often said ‘First Impression is the last’ and they say it right. Your first impression will be the aspect which will be judged by the panel members. Future prospects for fresher Jobs are approaching and we advise you to choose wisely amongst the options.

You don’t have to be proficient in industry insights or the process of the organization; you have to be the better choice with your skills and competencies with knowledge about where you are heading.

A personal interview is not unachievable and there is nothing to be afraid of. Fresher Jobs demand basic expertise and awareness which is sufficient to achieve what you aim for. Therefore, go through these tips in detail and gear up to reach your goal.

1. Look over for company’s information

Make it your standard principle that before appearing for an interview, you need to leaf through the company details and their roadmap precisely. Visit the company’s website and read about the products or services they offer. Go through their client’s history (if available) and look out for the present position of the company. Also check out the company’s working culture as it will give a fair idea about its habitat. Do not survey the entire website as it will consume your time and you will end up missing important pointers. But the ‘About Us’ page and their social media handles are a sure way to get important information.

2. Make the best out of your Resume

Resume is considered to be a standard script for your professional background. It plays an important role to get your desired job. Prepare the resume according to the job profile of a company in which you have applied. Let them know that you are an ideal candidate for the position. Moreover, do not add any false accomplishments as interviewers are intelligent enough to catch your flaw easily.Create an effective fresher resume and make the best presentation of your skill set.

3. Arrive not on time, but Early

While taking care of all points, candidates usually miss out considering that time carries equal proportion of criteria to give your first impression. Set a target of reaching ten minutes earlier than the scheduled interview time as you might end up getting stuck in traffic or feeling lost about the road directions. Arriving on time showcases your punctuality and planning and also depicts your seriousness for the job (and brings maturity too).

4. Dress Formally

Even if the fresher openings are for any creative digital agency, BPO or a bank, do not get under this impression of wearing casuals on your first interview. A decent and simple pair of formals should be an ideal persona of a candidate appearing for jobs. Avoid wearing colorful combination and try to look as a professional. You never know if your casual dressing can leave a bad impression before the starting of your interview.

5. Be Yourself

What matters is to be real and natural instead of making stories. Be sincere about your qualification and skills because it won’t stay for much longer if you fake it. Do not be afraid of your percentage or your graduation marks. It won’t make much difference if you are well aware of your future role and responsibilities. Tell them about the areas where you will improve if in case they find anything questionable about your degree marks.

What you need to avoid during an interview?

  • Do not argue with the interviewer even if you think you are right. You can keep your point politely but remember do not sound like you are right. Sounding a difference of opinion may even work positively but only with the right approach.
  • Do not use your cell phone. Keep it turned off during an interview.
  • Do not ask questions about bonus, incentives or other benefits until you have received the offer or at least the confirmation. These matters are discussed in a separate round and you will get the chance.
  • In retrospect, do not hesitate to ask important questions during your interview about the kind of work, project, team, etc. you are going to be involved with.
  • Be Normal! Do not act desperate or disinterested in the job.
  • Don’t say negative about the company (or any other, say your internship employer) even if they try to ask you by trick.
  • Do not just say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, try to elaborate your answer by giving examples or brief explanations.
  • Do not discuss personal issues or family issues during an interview. If there is anything they need to know, tell them after you have an offer.

We all are quite aware of the complexity of fresher jobs. The motive is not just to get a job; it’s to get a job you aim for. Do not lose hope if you haven’t cleared any interview. Nobody is perfect and there is no one in the world who has cleared every interview in the line.

There are various jobs for fresher in the market. Be Patient and learn from every interview you give. Try to figure out what are your areas of improvement and we are sure you will achieve your goal!


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