5 Career Tips from Marketing Leaders


The marketing field is growing and so is the competition for jobs in the industry. SmartBrief talked to marketing leaders and recruiters for their top career advice. Here’s what they had to say:

Diversify Your Experiences

Trying different things within your field or company fosters growth and develops new skills. However, some experts warn people to not jump around from company to company. There’s a wealth of knowledge and skillsets to obtain within an individual’s current company.

In-Office Networking

While some workplaces being entirely remote, there’s some that are hybrid or entirely in-person. Building relationships in the flesh can give a person access to networking opportunities. Employees can also learn from others through observation, not something that can really be done virtually.

Prioritize Your Relationships

Creating alliances and building a network helps propel an individual’s career forward. LinkedIn, Zoom chats and alumni associations are all great ways to build relationships and connect with others.

Virtual Networking

Individuals can take advantage of programs their company has to offer through internal portals or promotional e-mails.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Recruiters say that a LinkedIn can be more crucial than an essay. People who are employed are usually favored by the search engine. But if you’re not employed, putting descriptors of what you are seeking in the job title area can make you more visible.


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