4 Phrases The Buyers Should Never Write To The Sellers!


While you might be an eager buyer who just wants to impress the seller into selling their real estate in the best price possible but what if you land into deeper trouble for your super personal mail? So if you are a buyer sending your client an offer letter then take a look at these 4 phrases which you must avoid at all costs if you want to stay on the safe side.

“I see our family celebrating Christmas here” – Even though this might look like a harmless line to you but it is illegal for a seller to discriminate based on the religion of the buyer as per the Fair Housing Act. It is going to get difficult to prove in the court that the seller actually discriminated even if he didn’t in the first place.

“We would do anything to get this house” – The buyers should never write that they are really desperate to get the house. This could make the seller think that the buyer would agree to pay a higher price for the house and they can actually negotiate with you and increase the rate.

“Our lease is up soon, so we really need to close quickly” – If the seller is sensing that the buyer needs the property desperately then this can close all options of negotiation for the buyer. This could also hurt the seller who needs a longer closing time.

“Your home’s fenced in backyard will be a great place for my dog to run” – If the seller isn’t fond of pets then this could be a huge turn off on their part and they can actually decline your offer. Also, don’t even mention about the breed of your dog as the seller might be biased over pets or certain breeds.


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