4 Job Search Mistakes That You Must Never Do!


Are you currently looking for a job? To maximize the chances of success you have, make sure you avoid the following common mistakes that everyone makes. These are 4 mistakes you should be extra careful about, take a look.

1. Wanting to meet 100% of the requirements
Don’t wait for you to get that one job whose requirements align perfectly with yours before applying; even if they meet at least half of the requirements, give it a try. Make sure that you emphasize more on the qualities and expertise you have than aligning it with the requirements that you have for the position. However, don’t ever apply for jobs at random basis, either. In case the job offer doesn’t have anything at all in common with that of your profile, don’t waste your time — as well as the time of the recruiter.

2. Sending the same CV to every company
The most common mistake that people do is to send the same CV to every single place. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you’ll save time by making only one CV and cover letter and sending it to all the companies. Doing so you are putting yourself at risk of not capturing the interest of the employer. In order to maximize the efforts that you are putting, take some time and customize the documents for each and every job offer that you have.

3. Being sloppy
Leaving mistakes on your cover letter or misspelling the company name for which you’re applying to are definitive ways for someone to make a bad impression. Moreover, if you’re sending out numerous applications, it is always the best to take notes: it’ll look very bad if you don’t clearly and distinctively remember the job offer that someone is calling you or enquiring about.

4. Relying on job postings
Many vacant positions aren’t always advertised in the proper way. So, the best way in which one can find a job is via someone that they know. Let your network know that you’re searching for a job and then wait for them to turn up to you with something great.


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