3 Crucial Questions For Your First 90 Days Agenda.


Did you land a new job that you are super happy about? Well, you should be but in order to successfully carry out the job role that you have been assigned you will need to figure out an agenda. So this 90 days agenda will help you to gel in and make the best of your corporate life.

What should the top 3 priority tasks be?

In the job description, you will find that there is a list of skill sets. There are some which are must-haves, while some that are ought to have and some which will help you on the job but not crucial. So make sure you study the job carefully and figure out the 3 top tasks that you need to perform in that job role. You will need to master these 3 things and you will be good to go.

What are the success metrics for these tasks?

You might have an instinct that you are doing pretty great on the task that you are given but that would not help you to precisely know how you have been performing on those. So solid numbers will give you a good balance. So you can start giving yourself numbers on the tasks and get a colleague to verify them. Make sure you reach the personal targets that you keep in order to be successful at your job.

What are the immediate pressures of this job role?

You will need to know what are the potential threatening points of your job. If you cannot figure out all of them on your own then you can ask it to the various people present around you. With the help of these 3 questions and hard work, you will soon be able to work perfectly fine in the job role and reach new highs.


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