How You Can Leverage Social Media For An Effective Job Search!


For job seekers nowadays, networking on social media sites has become immensely popular as they work directly to bring the job seekers close to the recruiters who are hiring. If it is done the right way then social media job search is going to be really effective. 92% of the recruiters are known to have scrutinized the social resume of the job seekers, so social media indeed plays a huge role in it.

The destines site that every job seeker should be aware of, recruiters always keep on checking Linkedin for eligible job seekers who might be perfect for filling in their vacancy. If you are making a Linkedin profile the make sure you make it in a compelling and comprehensive manner and show all your skills and accomplishments blatantly. Also, use relevant keywords so that it links your provide to the one looking for hiring employees.

Twitter will help you to connect with people you don’t know on the basis of common interest. So this opens up a lot of opportunities and brings the recruiter close to the person who is seeking a job. When you find someone with the common interests you can follow them and get to read their tweets and bio. So use your twitter account to build your social presence in a positive way and to enhance the job search results in no time.

The status portion in Facebook will let you write about your job searching status, the interview related stuff and all the thing that has been happening in your professional life. Promote your stories and soon you will be noticed by the big companies who are hiring. Employers can often be surprising if they really find someone to be a fit candidate and can approach you even on your facebook inbox.


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