How I Lost Money Applying To Jobs Last Year And Ways To Avoid It!


There is a thing called edit tests for the people who are professional copywriters where the writers get a sense and idea of how your every single day at work is going to be like. It will also let you know whether or not you will enjoy the work that you are going to do. Edit tests are going to be different for every company and different from person to person.

But if you are someone who has reached the final selection round at every organization and done the edit test you will find why it is absolutely unnecessary to do it. when I did the math and calculate the number of companies I have given interviews in and done the edit test, I realized that for $45/hr basic freelancing rate, I had lost over 1800 dollars on the free edit tests. So 40 hours were spent by me, working with my very best but unpaid.

So edit tests are not a necessity for hiring someone nor are they a way in which one can showcase their skills in the interviews. The edit tests are simply a way in which the organizations made the work done at free of cost in the name of tests.

This precious time could have been spent doing something worthwhile that would actually pay me the money that I deserve. So if you too are a freelance copywriter and looking for a job then don’t think that edit tests are your only way out. You can get a lot of other jobs without wasting your precious hours writing stuff on the final rounds of the interview without getting paid a single penny for it. so this is how you can avoid actually falling in the trap of edit tests.


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