Google Cuts Off Service To Huawei Which Could Act Like A Death Sentence For Huawei’s Global Smartphone Goals


Google’s sudden decision to stop licensing it’s Android operating system to Chinese tech giant Huawei could prove to be a huge blow to Huawei’s eventual goals of ranking amongst the top players in the smartphone market globally.

Google has stopped all businesses with Huawei which involves the transferring of hardware, software & other important technical services.
This decision of Google was taken simply to comply with Washington’s conclusion of putting Huawei in the “Entity List”, which means that American companies need to have a license to sell products from a Chinese company.

Effectively, Huawei cannot continue to license Google’s operating system, Android & other systems it offers in their products. Instead of using Google, Huawei is only capable of using Google’s Android Open Source Project, which is a public version of Google’s Android operating system. This also means that any phones produced by Huawei in the future will not have Google services.

This move by Google has proven to be a huge blow to Huawei, which relies heavily on Google’s Android for the devices it sells outside of China. Within China, Huawei’s devices run on a morphed version of Android which does not have any Google apps pre-installed since Google is banned in China & all of the services it provides are blocked. The phones which Huawei sells outside of China all run on Android with its whole package of apps.

Huawei used to be the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in terms of global market shares in the first quarter of 2019. Huawei had hopes of becoming the biggest seller of smartphones by the year 2020, but the recent move by Google proved to be a huge blow to Huawei’s plans of success globally.


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